No incoming callerid on calls from pstn

I am not getting caller ID on incoming pstn calls. the error message is callerid.c:276 callerid_feed: fsk_serie made mylen < 0

I am using asterisk 1.2.14

Zapata.conf has

Can anyone suggest what to try?

What kind of line do you use? POTS? BRI? PRI? What interface card do you use? How many rings before pickup?

I’m on a POTS line with an X100P card. I think it picks up immediately(first ring) but I’m not sure. I haven’t put any special configuration to delay pickup.

If Asterisk picks up after first ring, it may not have the chance to pick up caller ID. (In N. America, most POTS deliver caller ID between first and second ring.) Try ztmonitor to listen to the incoming ringing to hear the FSK chirp.

If immediate=yes in zapata.conf then set it to no and restart Asterisk.