No Incoming Caller ID on FXO line


We are not receiving caller id on incoming calls to our POTs lines. There are 6 POTs lines that are setup in a hunt group that is done at the LEC Central Office. The caller ID works on their old phone system with no problems. However, I have installed an Asterisk based PBX and everything is working great except the incoming caller ID. I have tested using a standard POTs line on this system that is not part of the hunt group of 6 lines and caller ID works fine from there.

I have tried every zaptel caller id settings I can think of. Has anyone had any experience with using this type of setup and if it is possible to get caller id working?

Below is the current software and hardware used:

Zaptel: 1.2.27
OS: CentOS 5.3
Digium Card: TDM2400P (3 x X400M modules , 1 S400M module)

Relevant zapata.conf configuration: