No beep from MixMonitor B

I’m creating a DYNAMIC_FEATURE named recordcall that starts MixMonitor and also plays a beep. When I enter #3, the recording is created in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor but no beep is played.

This is what I have in features.conf:

blindxfer => #1                               ; Blind transfer  (default is #)

recordcall  => #3,peer,MixMonitor,out.wav,B    ; Allow both the caller and callee to record call

In the past, I was able to get this working but not this time.

Can anyone spot my error?



In case anyone else is looking for an answer, trial and error works again.

To make #3 activate recording with a beep every 15 seconds:

recordcall => #3,peer,MixMonitor(record.wav,B)

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