Monitor state of mixmonitor

Is there a way of monitoring the state of mixmonitor? It would be good to be able to set up a blf button to indicate the status of call recording.

MixMonitor has no such thing built in. Someone could probably write something in Asterisk, or outside of it using possibly AMI, but it does not exist currently.

Thank you for your response. I believe AMI is what the pbx developer said but they just pointed me to the asterisk wiki. I have not done any AMI stuff so I will need to find some help.

Dose asterisk provide the beep tone when it is activated and deactivated?

There are options on MixMonitor to beep when started and stopped, yes. The options are documented on the docs site[1].

[1] MixMonitor - Asterisk Documentation

Thank you again,

Currently the beep only appears at the called parties end. So on outbound the person stopping and starting the call does not here the beep.

I don’t really know what that means within the context of MixMonitor or your specific usage.

Thank you again. I think we are narrowing the problem down…

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