No available route found


I have a problem on a new installation (xivo electra 2020.07.05),
trunk sip registered, all contexts configured,
but when I want to make an outgoing call, it doesn’t work,
with this notification in log :
Executing [failed@outcall:1] NoOp(“SIP/xxxxxxxx-0000001a”, “Failed: state AwaitRoute failed with error: no available route found”) in new stack

Is someone could help me with this issue ?


That’s a notification from your dialplan, not from Asterisk. You need to ask this of the person who wrote that dialplan.

thank you for your answer,

as indicated this is a new installation, there is no specific written dialplan

Asterisk will not work without a dialplan, which has to be written for the specific installation.

If your dialplan is being written by a GUI, you need to contact the GUI developers, or their peer support forum.

Also, new installations should use PJSIP, rather than SIP, unless there are specific contraindications. chan_sip only gets community support, so bugs may take a long time to fix, if they ever get fixed.

ok, thx again, I’ll see with the xivo forum so

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