No audio on reinvite enabled

I am using Asterisk and i’m having issues with Inbound calls when re-invite is enabled

A-Party ----DID call—> Provider —(A)—> Asterisk —(B)—> PBX ------> B-Party

Where on point (A) canreinvite is set to YES

2 issues:

Point (B) canreinvite is set to YES, and the destination of the call is IVR or welcome message recordings on the PBX side = NO audio

Point (B) canreinvite is set to YES and call is receive by picking up the call = Working, but if that call is transferred to another extension (same location) No Audio especially when transfer process involves music on hold (MOH)

Normally for direct media to work, there mus tbe no address translations in either direction. It is unusual to not have address translations towards your ITSP.

However, you haven’t provided enough information to say for sure. For this sort of issue, you need to provide sip.conf and a copy of all the SDP exchanged between Asterisk and both parties (sip set debug on). Although you should obscure sensitive information, you must not obscure where IP addresses are teh same or different, or where they are routable or non-routable.