No audio in first 3 -4 seconds of a PRI call

I just installed a new system here is my setup

Asterisk 11
Digium T132
Dahdi version is
FreePBX version

When a call comes in initially there is a 3 to 4 second lag time in the audio. This is only for the first talker in the call. If the call is transferred to another phone the call is perfect. Initially we had some issues with getting the PRI to connect to the provider. The provider ssh’d into my system and found that a lib file was conflicting with my version of Asterisk. He changed it and everything started to work. This installation is not even a week old. I know there is a newer DAHDI driver available. The question is: Is there a known issue with the driver I am using with Asterisk 11 and if so how do I go about updating to the new one.

Thanks for any help.