No Audio behind IPSEC/openVPN tunnel

Hello guys,

I have setup an asterisk server on a private could behind a pfsense firewall.
I managed to fix all NAT issues and now getting voice and everything but my goal is to be able to connect using IPSEC tunnel or openvpn. [connecting from zoiper]
However, behind IPSEC or OPENVPN even thought i have allowed all traffic i am able to register and dial extension but i get no voice. The ‘hello world’ test does work though.

i have tried to play around with the transport-udp config without success.

Any help would be very much appreciated

Thank you

What is the configuration? Do you have “direct_media” set to no?

thanks for the reply
i dont have this option set anywhere, should i set it for each extension under pjsip.conf ?
or under transport-udp (pjsip.conf also) ?

It is configured on the endpoint[1] and stops direct media between endpoints.


you are the best !!!
it worked thanks a lot !!!