Nice shiny new TDM400P in my mitts/server

I installed my shiny new TDM400P with a single FXO in slot 4 furthest from the sockets. I am having trouble getting this to accept calls, or recieve calls. Now when I run zttool, everything seems dunkhory. Also running ztcfg -vv reveals that all is well and there is an FXO on channel 4.

I am now of the opinion that it is either my zaptel.conf or my zapata.conf where my problem lies.

My zaptel.conf is:

Zaptel Configuration File

This file is parsed by the Zaptel Configurator, ztcfg


And zapata.conf is:

; Zapata telephony interface
; Configuration file
; You need to restart Asterisk to re-configure the Zap channel
; CLI> reload
; will reload the configuration file,
; but not all configuration options are
; re-configured during a reload.

busydetect => yes
callprogress => no
busycount => 4
relaxdtmf => yes
callwaiting => yes
callwaitingcallerid => yes
threewaycalling => no
transfer => yes
cancallforward => yes

;UK Caller ID
usecallerid = yes
cidsignalling = v23
cidstart = usehist
rxgain=1 ;levels set to reduce echo
txgain=4 ;levels set to reduce echo
channel => 4

The contents of my dialplan extensions.conf I do not think are too relevant, apart from I have aliased the Zap/4 line to be ANALOGUE_OUT.

Any offers?

Thanks a lot,


Firstly this isnt a developers question.

But .

usehist is not a valid setting for a tdm400 card its the method thats used for a patched server and a x10xp.

more importantly without seeing any cli output both verbose and debug we havent got much of a chance seeing whats wrong !

Im sorry to say that saying that you are having trouble is just too vague. Its like ringing the garage, saying you have a problem with your car and expecting them to tell you how to fix it with no further info. In your case is it ring trip, ring no answer, NU or what?

and finaly seeing your relevent sections of the extensions.conf would have been usefull as what does “I have aliased the Zap/4 line to be ANALOGUE_OUT.” mean. its context is incoming, so it would have been useful to see what you had done there to “alias” it


Sorry Ian,
I did post to the wrong forum. I apologise. I’ll take more care next time.