NEWS! AMI client libamc-2.1.3 released

21.05 was released stable version of libamc witch represents C++ class that remotely controls Asterisk via AMI requests.

In new version:

  • added show_dialplan() function;
  • reviewed and stabilized all installation scripts;
  • fixed bug, that leads to kernel panics;

To demonstrate abilities of libamc, was prepared an VT utility witch provide almost all functions available in libamc, and can be downloaded via SourceForge

Key Features of libamc:

  • compact size, high perfomance;
  • source code optimized for use in multithread applications, where it can reach maximal efficiency;
  • supported almost all functions of AMI including Events():
    call control and monitoring functions,
    conferencing(confbridge, meetme),
    core functions(timestamp(), core_status(), module manipulations, etc.),
    DAHDI control,
  • BSD license;