Newcomer to Asterisk

I would like to make some trainning with Asterisk. The main problem is that of hardware. While getting Linux and x86 to work can be easy with VoIP, PCI asterisk compliant cards to test with VoIP to PSTN doesn’t look easy.

Is it possible to obtain a minimun PCI card available at “bargain” prices to start practicing?

Is out there some combination of small “fanless PCs” (OpenBrick for example) + PCI card + Linux + Asterisk at affordable prices for newcomers -600 to 900 Euros aprox.-?


I live in Spain.

You do not need an FXO/FXS to learn Asterisk. The only thing you need is a linux box to run Asterisk. Use a FWD account if you just want to play around. If you really want to use a phone line then buy a Sipura 3000… just one mans opinion.

Download “Asterisk@home 1.5”

Find a computer that is of reasonable power (anything PII or better is perfect) stick the disk in, press enter, then come back in an hour. It will have installed the entire application on your computer (including the OS) and if you are lucky will have detected the ethernet card.

Download some softphones, xlite from XTEN.COM or do a search for Firefly which is a great little IAX softphone, all free.

This should get you started on figureing out what kind of power you need to test asterisk. The softphones can all run on different computers and will let you test calls between phones and try the different features.