Newbie's instalation error, please help

when trying to install asterisk I used to get a
’no C compiler’
error. I have now installed gcc as a C compiler but now get the message
’error gcc cannot create executables, please see Makefile.log for more detales’
I have no idea how to fix this and am in need of some support.
This is my first install of asterisk, and my first experience of linux, I am installing into an I-586 suse linux pc that is very old, the computer is not connected to the internet so I must transfer all files via a 1 gig pen drive

please help

Hi use iso such as AsteriskNOW or one of the others it will be far simpler and you will be able to spend time learning Asterisk and not getting the os working


thanks but i would prefer to keep suse rather than installing from new as the server does have a few other uses