Newbie question—Asterisk handling of caller-id when perfor

Hi. I am new to the forum and interested in using Asterisk for a community-based project.

I am hoping to gain some insight into how Asterisk handles caller ID when blind transfers are performed via flash hook on locally connected analog phones.

In a typical scenario, caller A calls Asterisk line X from a PSTN phone. Upon answer, the party at line X performs a blind transfer to a PSTN phone line B.

The questions are both of these (as both would be required based on who answers the call).

  1. Will Asterisk natively or can it be programmed to provide line X’s number as the calling party ID for the transferred call leg?
  2. Will Asterisk natively or can it be programmed to provide caller A’s line ID as the calling party for the transferred call leg?

Thanks so much for any help that can be provided! :smile:


As a general rule with asterisk on blind transfers the CID is the one of the outside caller on attended transfers its the CID of the caller in the office. I don’t know which kind is used for flash hook.

FYI in my opinion a basic IP phone is a drop more than an FXS device and the functionality that you get out of it is a lot better than using an analog phone.