How to make a call b/w two phones using AMI?

i am new to AMI , i want to make a call between two phones using AMI, i have done this by registering SIP accounts in sip.conf and their dial plan in extensions.conf…

But how can i do this using AMI…???

i have studied about Action, Event & Response but im confused how to do it…Can anyone help me with this…

Any help is appreciated…Thanks in advance…

Use the Originate action.

Thanx…i have googled an example…

Action: Originate
Channel: SIP/101test
Context: default
Exten: 8135551212
Priority: 1
Callerid: 3125551212
Timeout: 30000
Variable: var1=23|var2=24|var3=25
ActionID: ABC45678901234567890

i need to mention this in manager.conf…and the context in extensions.conf…right…???

Extension names are not limited to single specific extension “numbers”. A single extension can also match patterns. In the extensions.conf file, an extension name is a pattern if it starts with the underscore symbol (_).

Related to the Originate action, it can be executed from any external program, the easiest way for me is PHP

The action must be sent, using a TCP connection, from your AMI application.