Docs about Asterisk?

Where can I find docs about Asterisk? is best place currently
but keep your eye on

Also have a look at:

what kind of docs?

As this is a sticky, some more nice url’s:

Search voip-related info:

Check the How To Guides in the menu:

A lot of asterisk tutorials can be found here, both beginner and advanced :

This is a collection of links and a short summary of those listed. I put this together for those who are posting questions regarding third party tools and other Asterisk developments.

Good link for searching … tnG=Search

Asterisk - The Future of Telephony

[quote=“MuppetMaster”]Asterisk - The Future of Telephony


The book is also available in PDF format, for free:



Nice to have but not really new informations; online-version and all those
forums … dsicussing Asterisk leads to a well configured Box !

Indeed. But many people, like myself, like to have a book in reach that may be easily perused to find information as opposed to searching online. Great source for newbies getting started as well as a great desk reference for those with more experience.

Especially since it is also available for download: … +Telephony

Yes, you are right. Staying 2 weeks on Maledives it was a very nice lecture without internet :wink:
… I thought also about the price when resources are for free and all the other
O’Reillys in my bureau - BUT, we think about the project and books in this tec-area
are also the first step of accepting the tec .

And 4expl. a discussions with collegues: they asked about a book and said:
" There is nothing about Asterisk ( Asterix ) at amazon … How can we use such … "
Now we have ! :laughing:

Yes, an O’Reilly book also gives legitimacy in many eyes…

I’d would strongly recommend Ted Wallingfords ‘Switching to VoIP’ ISBN: 0596008686

Having had very little exposure to telephony (VoIP or otherwise) this book was superb at bringing me up to speed and the author makes heavy use of examples using Asterisk (Of Course).

I read ‘Switching’ before the Asterisk book release and it’s made working with the software a lot easier.

IMHO anyone wanting to get into asterisk without any previous VoIP knowledge would get a lot out of the following path

*Get a copy of both ‘Switching to VoIP’ and ‘Asterisk, the future of telephony’. Read both cover to cover.

*Buy a cheap VoIP handset (I use grandstreams) and download a softphone (I’ve been using Xlite) and use with a cheap headset on a PC.

*Download and install the software on a non-production machine and work through the examples in ‘Switching’

*Sign up to this forum and ask and answer as many questions as you can

*Play, play, play as much as you can using the books, this forum and any other on-line resource avaiable to get comfortable with the system.

I am far from being any sort of expert but the above approach has allowed to put a basic system into production with a view to rolling out two (slightly) more advanced systems.

Hope this is of some help to anyone not sure of a way to get into the product, as I know it can be a very daunting prospect.

Indexed faster than google does it…