NEWBIE: I just want to do call forwarding and bridging


I have Sprint “Mobile to Home” plan that allows me to call & receiving calls with my assigned home number, unlimited mintues.

I have two POTS lines, POTS #1 connects to a analog cordless phone, POTS #2 connects to my fax.

This is what I want to do:

  1. Assign POTS #1 number as my home phone number with Sprint to get unlimited incoming/outgoing.
  2. when someone calls my POTS #1, it rings three times. If no one answers, it forward the call to my cell phone.
  3. When I want to make a phone call with my cell, I call POTS #1, POTS #1 acts like calling card, ask me for the dest. number, then dial to the # I want to dial to (Bridging)

The outcome:
[ul]I have unlimited Sprint Mobile to Home, so 1) and 2) will eat up 0 peak time minute.[/ul]
[ul]My POTS #1 is unlimted so all incoming/outgoing calls to this number is unlimted. So there is no additional cost for me. [/ul]
[ul]My POTS #2 is not unlimted[/ul]

By adding a Asterisk server, can I make this work? Can I simply buy two X100P cards to do this? Does Asterisk support two X100P cards?

Please help, thank you.

yes this should be possible.

Asterisk supports any number of channels/cards. However, I highly recommend against the x100 series due to low reliability. If you set it up and have ‘odd’ problems, that’s probably why. Try a Sangoma A200 or Digium TDMxx.

I am assuming non unlimited pots line 2 has unlimited incoming at least.

Note that this is pseudocode and is designed to give you a general idea what to do.

set home line #2 to be your sprint home phone. When called it would Authenticate() with a password (could also be VMAuthenticate to use your VM password) and then use DISA() to put you in an outgoing context.

then for the first line, it would Dial(homephones,20) then Dial(zap/line2/yourcellphone) (its actually zap/2/number).