Newbie hardware question

Hi all,

First of all if this has been asked a zillion times before, my apologies …

One of the service of my company provides is a basic sms-service through a web-API, which allows webdevelopers to send fi. status messages by sms.

We would like to expand this to voice messages as well, and are looking to expand this to voice messages as well.
To play around with that concept I’m looking to set up a asterisk-server to have a little fun with.
The basic network I had in mind would consist of 4 Cisco 7960 IP Phones, analog fax and possibly 1 analog phone, and a connection to a analog (POTS) line.

I was wondering what hardware would be needed for this:

  • I assume that I can use the CAT5 cabling that is already present to plug the Cisco Phones into.

  • That cabling goes to a seperate Hub, which connects to a NIC on the server.

  • For the analog part (land line, analog phone and analog fax) I assume 1 Digium TDM400P will do?
    (2x FXS and 2x FXO - just in case we want to connect a second landline to it.

For the server, we have some old dual (P3-1.4G) machine collecting dust that has 2 LAN ports on-board, would I be correct in assuming this will be sufficient for basic testing?
And would it be possible to use 1 of the on-boards nics for the IP Phones, and the other for the standard LAN connection?
If loads go up we can replace it with a new machine :smile:

I’m not asking for a precooked meal, and I expect that I will be knee-deep in the documentation soon enough. But some pointers if I got this right so far would be appreciated.


To keep the story short - I think I can answer yes to all your question. The hardware is old, but still more than enough for running a Linux distribution and Asterisk. Asterisk itself is a very low-resource application, so the server you have planned should handle the testing scenario with eaze.

Now you are at a part where you need good documentation. I suggest you try with these links: