Newbie! data transfer over a call


  Is it possible to transfer data over a mobile phone call? An application on the phone initiates a phone call, dials a number (with end user input) and sends data. Asterix can be configured to convert it back to data and forward it to a web server (over Http). Any help in this regard would be appreciated. If it is possible, I might have a potential project for the developer. 


Sounds like a modem? Why do you want Asterisk involved in this?

I am currently looking at sending data over the mobile phone…and if I have to dial in a number i thought that i might need a PBX (excuse my ignorance in this) to convert that data.

What kind of data you plan to transfer?
If you want to transfer data from GSM to computer - there are a couple of ways -

  1. direct data connection - from GSM to modem connected to computer
  2. Sending SMS
  3. Using some of new GSMs which support WAP
    Of cource you could try to use some other way - dial some number, then trying to send data using DTMFs - but this is most expensive and strange way.