Newbie - correct use for SPA3102 pstn<->voip?

Hi all,

I’ve spent many hours reading through pages and pages of the forums and think I understand what I want and where to start but would like some specific clarification on the setup that I want.

My question is this…if I get a Linksys SPA-3102 can it pickup calls on my analogue line and route them to my SIP phone and can my SIP phone use the SPA-3102 to route calls back out through my analogue line (obviously 1 at a time)?

I believe this should be possible using the 1x FXO port if this port can be configured bi-directionally?

The reason is that I have unlimited free calls to local/national landlines and when at home would like to use them from my Nokia N95 SIP setup.

Thanks in advance for your help


Yes, it can be done, you can find a little sample here: … 09482.html .


Marco Bruni