Call recording with Asterisk and Linksys SPA3102-NA or other


I would like to use Asterisk and a Linksys SPA3102-NA or another equipment that connects to my phone line to record calls. I want to use Asterisk because I want the added flexibility of creating voicemail or other more advanced configuration if I want to in the future. So basicly the setup would look like this:

Phone line ------> FXO port of Linksys SPA3102 —SIP trunk—> Asterisk
------> Analog telephone

For this setup to work exactly the way I want it, the SPA3102 would need to be always connected to Asterisk with the SIP trunk or another way to that Asterisk could sense the line for tones (to be able to record them and know where I am calling) and voice (to start recording only when someone has lifted the analog phone to answer. Is all that technically possible? Feel free to leave me other feedbacks for other setup as well!

Thank you!