New to asterisk, Wondering a few things

Hello all, I have aquired a number of Linksys 2102 ata adapters and i was wondering if it was possable to start an asterisk server, link the ata’s to the server and have a normal phone number for each ata then be able to use the ata’s remotely (eg. server at my house, ata at one of my family members houses 500km away)

Thanks in advance

Yes it’s possible, you need to setup the Asterisk box, the ata, the adsl routers at your home and in the remote location and also you need a good Internet connection for the Asterisk box and the ata.


Marco Bruni

The answer is YES. I don’t mean to discourage you. However, let’s be sure you are aware that configuring/maintaining/operating an Asterisk PBX system can be a daunting task even though it is not difficult, YMMV. As a starter, please (click to) download/read this free Asterisk: The Future of Telephony, 2nd Edition e-book to learn about how to configure/maintain/operate an Asterisk PBX system.

If you just want to link two family members whose houses are 500KM apart, why not just configure both ATA devices to support IP Address dialing? If you take this route, make sure to use free services from dynDNS on each of the routers. This way, each ATA will have no problem to find the IP Address of the destination if its IP Address gets changed.

The other better and simpler approach is to configure each ATA device with a FREE VoSP, i.e. Gizmo5 (new user signup is currently offline), CallCentric, VoIPUser, SIPGate (UK), SIPGate (US), etc. Then, you can free call each other using the assigned ID (phone number).

Thank you for the replies, the reason i am looking into this is for one, me and my family are sick of the phone companys around here, and two i wouldn’t mind turning this into a business venture, i am familiar with some aspects of voip but i would also like to get familiar with how to provied internet, home phone lines, tv (or sat), as well a svoip and cell phone. I have come to the conclusion that i should take it one step at a time and learn a little of something before i try and learn everything.

Thanks for the advice

I highly recommend Call Centric ( ) …

You can each signup for free accounts and then call each other.

They also have have some pretty inexpensive call plans as well, and you can transfer your existing phone number over to them as well.

If you want to call anyone besides your family members hooked up to your Asterisk server you’re still going to have to deal with the phone companies or some kind of PSTN/POTS/cellular provider.