New to asterisk: android to landline connection

Im recently the owner of a nice raspberry pi to serve my local network and i have a landline i almost never use.

So i thought perhaps i can connect that land line to my phone phone.
To have for example less expensive phone calls.

The landline isnt voip so i have to use something called ATA for my phone connection and a voip client on my android phone.

Are there howto’s describing this situation?

No how to for this, ATA 'S configuration re not standards so they change drastically depending of the brand, I have this same scenario but using a Grandstream FXO gateway and ZOIPER softphone on my Android phone

When are howto’s 100% compatible?

so the ATA requires fideling.
And it is doable.

But if i have connected ATA to say nr 9000 and my phone to nr 9001.

Are there some directions to use 9000 to call out?

I think you are getting SIP user names and extension numbers confused. The latter are only defined for outgoing calls.

In general, you treat FXS ATAs exactly as though they were SIP phones, and FXO ones as though they were ITSPs, except that they may differ with regard to authentication and registration.

David, do you mind that i dont understand your message. To many abbreviations i dont understand.

Im a noob in asterisk country

The short form is that there is nothing particularly special that goes beyond the basic knowledge you need to use Asterisk with an internet connected device. The forum is not a place to teach you that basic knowledge.

Right on. I need FXO to connect to my POTS output of my new cable modem. Company does not use voip but some one else.

Still i cant find anything that can go as a manual.

Strange now i can find plenty.
Be back later perhaps


The Obitalk 110 is the cheapest 1 port FXO standalone unit you can find. It works with Asterisk and I have one on the NL landline network and have had no problems with it. This model has been discontinued, but you can still find them used (and sometimes new) on eBay. Lots of configuration guides, if you Google.

Is the grandstream ht813 any good?

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