New to AGI - what might stop this script working with Asterisk 14?

Quick question: Asterisk 14 prints that it loaded this third party AGI, but skips straight on in the dialplan, even when the AGI config is set to print debug info and bomb out when the settings are wrong.

Can someone take a quick glance and let this newbie know if it’s something he’s doing wrong, or whether the script isn’t compatible?

Does it work with the latest Asterisk 13?

Thanks! No sure about 13, but I’m relying on 14 for the long-awaited (and incredibly useful) streaming.

As is often the case with Asterisk, the script/tutorial I was trying to follow is years old and probably last tested on Asterisk 1.8!

Long story cut short is that this works perfectly, for me, on 14, and gives me the basis for what I need: