New SVN system - how to?

How do one use the new SVN system to checkout code? When I folllow the steps on the website I get “bash: svn command not found”, so I assume I have to install it first, correct? When I go to the link provided namely I get access forbidden. Where do I get it and how to go about it?

It will be nice if they could be a little bit more descriptive on the pages when they make a change like that, especially for us “new” guys that are not Linux guru’s. :smile: That is one area where Linux still need to catch up on Windows, Windows is a lot more user friendly - it is days like these when I wish Asterisk was available on Windows :smile:

For others that are interested and had the same question here is the link to the Subversion website: … y-packages

I had Fedora Core 3 installed so the binary RPM packages of Subversion 1.1.x are already available in this distribution. All I had to do was a yum install subversion.