New Server

Hi all,
I want to ask you for the Best Configuration for the Asterisk Server to me to enjoy International Calls Through the Internet.
I Prepare my Server and downloads the CD.

It all depends on what you want to accomplish.

In general people here will help you with problems in your dial plan but there aren’t many that will write your entire dial plan for you here for free :wink:

Hi all, but i want to ask you to help me, all i want to tell you that now i live on egypt and i want to let my customers worldwide to can make international calls through my VOIP Server.
Please tell me how to start??? :wink:

For a project that ambitious I would assess my skill sets in the following areas:


Bootcamps will set you back about 3K each and there will still be big gaps you will need to engineer for yourself.

From the question you ask it sounds like you are new to this so the question is do you spend a lot of time reading and trying things, which is time but not much money, do the bootcamps which is money but not much time and not much good unless you follow up with time and reading and trying things, or figure you will blow 6K+ on the boot camps and your time and just pay somebody who has done this before 10K to come in and set you up.

I suspect in that price range you would have little trouble finding somebody capable of fitting the pieces together for you.