Recommend a SIP friendly security router?

I have a Cisco RVS4000 and have finally come to the conclusion that it’s a piece of s___. I have never been able to get it to reliably NAT RTP ports.

Ideally, I’m looking for something with good Intrusion Prevention System support from the vendor. I’m not exactly opposed to going the pfsense route, but my experience has been that the snort package is a pain to install, configure, and keep updated.

I have one Asterisk server registering with Flowroute and Cisco handsets behind NAT on same LAN.

Any recommendations on something under $1k and reliable with Asterisk?

In my case, throw away the RVS400, and installed a Cisco ASA 5505. Easy to configure and good performances.
Anyway, why not try to install alternative firmware (DD-WRT, Open WRT, etc.) on RVS4000, if available?