New Registrations won't qualify with PJSIP

Hi, I have been testing asterisk 13 for my company to see if it would be work for migrating to for either a new production server or for upgrading to on other production servers.

I was testing qualify with PJSIP set to realtime for contacts, endpoints, auths and aors. When I create an extension that does not previously exist and register a phone as that extension with qualify frequency set to 10. That extension never starts to qualify ever, it’s state will just stay as CREATED. This state will persist until I either reload, or restart asterisk. After I do this the qualifies will start properly. The only exception is with a SPA504G I have been testing with, which explicitly seems to unregister so it deletes the contact. Once it re-registers its contact as well stays as CREATED until I do either of the actions previously.

It may be noted I have seen the errors :

[Feb 10 03:27:02] WARNING[1075]: res_config_mysql.c:1246 require_mysql: Possibly unsupported column type 'text' on column 'path'
[Feb 10 03:27:02] ERROR[1075]: res_pjsip_registrar.c:504 rx_task: Unable to bind contact 'sip:288-eng@IP:5062' to AOR '288-eng'

Not really sure if these 2 errors have anything to do with it, since it does appear to be creating the contact.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: As well I tested deleting the contact for an existing phone and restarting it, at least with a linksys SPA941, it seems to still give the bind error but does qualify after it recreates teh contact.

Please post a bug report to the bug tracker at

Be sure to attach all your relevant configuration so that the issue can be reproduced. As well as a debug log captured during the endpoints registration.