New Install Issues

I have a new install of *Now on ESX 4.0 in a VM. I installed. Created 3 extensions. 7100 I have an x-Lite softphone on. 7101 and 7102 are line keys on a Cisco 7960 with a sip load. I bought a trunk from sipstation as well as 1 DID. I can now make outbound calls using the softphone. However, calls made by the cisco phone go nowhere. I can’t call out or to internal extension (7101 to 7100). THe cisco phone just sits there for quite a while before starting to beep at me when i try to make a call. If I try to call 7101 or 7102 from the softphone i just get droped directly into its Voicemail. Being new to Asterisk i’ve looked thru the documentation but can’t quite figure this out. Any help is appreciated!!

Also, If I call the did it should be ringing thru to my softphone. When I do this rather than it ringing the softphone it drops directly to my Voicemail.

THis is fixed. It was the NAT configuration on the cisco phone.