Can not dial out

I’m a complete noob and hardly understand what I’m I doing :smile:

I have VOIP phone number and sip server to place/receive calls over Internet (I use X-Lite) .

I installed asterisk and

in to sip.conf

When I call from my cell to my VOIP number asterisk pickup and plays demo, also I can dial an extension and get to softphones in my network.
But I have no idea how to call out from softphone to regular phone! When I dial number my softphone says "Call Failed : not found"
So Im kinda stuck and definately need some help.
thank you.

you really want to be asking questions like this in the Users forum, as it’s not BSD-specific.

have you read the sticky at the top of the Users forum ? (i guess not, if you’re posting here :confused: )

registering with your ITSP doesn’t cause Asterisk to do any more than that. now you need to create an extension and priorities in a context your X-lite user has access to, that will cause Asterisk to setup a call for you.

you can do by passing your username and password as part of the dialstring, or by creating a “SIP trunk” and dialling SIP/trunk/number.

read the sticky and download the free Asterisk book. once you have done that, it’ll all be a lot clearer.

Thank you!
sry for wrong forum.
Will download the book!