New Asterisk Install, Cisco Phone Can't Dial Extensions


Please forgive me as I am extremely new to Asterisk.

I have a fresh Install of Asterisk and created two PJSIP Extensions. They are Extension 500, and 501.

On my cell phone, I installed a SIP soft phone and logged into Extension 500
I have a Cisco CP-8841 in which i connected to Extension 501

From the Soft Phone, I can dial 501 and the Cisco phone will ring, I can pick up the phone and have a conversation without any issues.

The issue comes when i want to make a call from the Cisco Phone. When I pick up the handset I get a Dial Tone. as soon as I hit ANY number key on the keypad, I get the fast beeping tone (Busy Signal)

To Program the Cisco Phone I set up a TFTP server and sent the SEP000000XXX.cnf.xml file to the phone. Pasted below is what that file contains.

Again I am very new to Asterisk, and to programming these phones, so please be gentle with me.

All help is appreciated.

Thank You!

SIP 120 supprt12 M/D/YY Eastern Standard/Daylight Time Unicast 2000 5060 5061 5060 true true x-serviceuri-cfwdall x-cisco-serviceuri-pickup x-cisco-serviceuri-opickup x-cisco-serviceuri-gpickup x-cisco-serviceuri-meetme x-cisco-serviceuri-abbrdial false 2 true true 2 2 0 true 6 10 180 3600 5 120 120 5 500 4000 70 false None 1 false true false false 101 3 avt false false 3 Ext 501 1 false 10 false 9 501 5060 501 Jason Boucher 2 3 501 Riley3383! false 1 *98 4 5 0797 true false false true 5060 16348 20134 184 0 dialtemplate.xml true 2 sip88xx.12-7-1-0001-393 false false 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 00:01 00:01 00:01 00:01 1 1 en_US iso-8859-1 1 *98 96 0 96 2 0 3804 false

I think you mean you logged into endpoint 500.

Similarly, I think the Cisco is registered to endpoint 501.

SIP phones fake dialtone locally. Something has gone wrong when they are actually making the call. You need to log the SIP protocol, confirm it is reaching Asterisk, and look at how the call is failing.

So I did some experimenting and I think i figured out what might be wrong.

So if i pick up the handset and try to dial 500, as soon as i hit the 5, i get the busy signal. If i instead dial 500 on the keypad and then pick up the handset then it dials the number just fine and i can connect.

Am I wrong in saying this is because the phone doesn’t have a correct dial plan? And if so, what do I need to do to correct this.

Going to be dial plan time out. I set a 0 time out to emergency dial when the cradle was lifted on a cisco phone

I tried making a dial plan but it doesn’t seem to have fixed the issue. Does anyone have an example Dialplan that works on a Cisco 8811

I used XML files for Cisco 7945 phones. The XML file name had the phone MAC address and included the following line near the end of the file


dialplan.xml is attached. Hope that helps.

Both the MAC.cnf.xlm and dialplan.xml were in the same folder.

(Attachment dialplan.xml is missing)

So i think i figured out my issue. It looks like i was missing the version number at the top of my Dialplan, once i added that the phone accepted it without an issue.

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