Network Monitoring integration


I’m wondering if anyone in the community has been able to integrate PRTG network monitoring with asterisk and/or FreePBX to trigger notification calls based on a sensor going down?

I’m trying to achieve the below workflow, without success so any thoughts welcome.

Server fails which causes an alarm to be triggered, PRTG generates a HTTP post to trigger automated call and payout of a pre-defined message to a call group.


a few years ago
Using Zabbix, I was monitor asterisk with SNMP.
I thought PRTG support SNMP. how about using SNMP?

Hi hsunryou,

What I’m trying to achieve is more an integration, so it not that I need to monitor Asterisk with PRTG but rather incorporate Asterisk into the monitoring solution, so in the can of say a web server going down out of hours instead of the standard just the standard email from PRTG to the support team it would also initiate a call to the on call engineer and play out a message saying the web server is down.

You could use the Originate AMI action to place a automated call.

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