Needed: Basic documentation of config file options

For the past few years, I have gone to voip-info,org, but that is missing alot of information.

I have scoured* the site, looking for any documentation describing the functions, and config file options but came up dry.

* using,, and keyword

It would be really really helpful if Digium had references to the options available to be set in Asterisk.

For instance in the file queues.conf there is an option “musiconhold”.

Now, since there appears is no documentation anywhere, I dont know what values are acceptable. Trial and error would have to be done after hours, meaning longer work day / potential to lose the client.

Where on-line can the information be found, preferably directly from Digium ?

A simple list of the available parameters for each config file would be wonderful.


We’ve begun a wiki documentation project over at One of the things that we want to see on there is documentation for each of the configuration files, documentation that’s a little easier to parse than just reading the config files in a text editor.

If you’ve got time and the inclination, we’d love assistance. Create an account, and start making documentation in your personal space on the Wiki - from there, it can be sanity-checked by Digium staff and imported into the mainline content.