Need to hit a url of our application when call answered


I have different clients setup on my applications on different server instances.

e.g ClientA register on ip
ClientB register on ip

I need to hit a url of that specific client when call is answered by our agent.

e.g agent picks up the call and need the information of ClientA to popup on his screen window automatically in which application will be launched on his system/PC

1st - Hit the url when call is answered by the agent and it should be open and pop up on the agent screen
2nd - how to open the url on specific agent pc?

Please need guide or any R&D material on this.

Use macro to execute dialplan after call gets answered

And execute your url in curl method using dialplan

ok good.

if someone sending me the call and in his call he wants to send us some parameters and we need to process those variable in our dialplan and on the basis of those variables or parameters generates the url which will then upon answering the call open up the application page on the agent pc screen.

Is there any guide to do this I will appreciate it.

Don’t use macros in new designs. They have been deprecated for many years and the module is not enabled by default in recent versions. If there is no deep CTI, use subroutines, however, for more complex CTI, use AMI to listen for relevant events.

Again assuming a shallow CTI implementation, you can either copy the actual parameters into inheritable variables (_ prefix), or copy the channel name into one with a view to using IMPORT to access the variables from the calling channel. Remember to URI encode them.

can you share any authentic guide or examples or realtime examples of this type of setup.

As you’re talking about agent you agent I will assume you’ re-using Queue() app instead of dial(), if this is the case you can use the AGI option or Gosub option on the Queue() app to trigger a webhook and pass information to a remote system or DB.

In your case, can save caller information on a DB, using the method described above. And from the agent side you can make a web app using PHP and JavaScript to fetch the information from the DB real-time, no reloaded need. o better use push notification on the agent side Push Notification System with PHP & MySQL – PHPZAG.COM

I have done all these before.

Please don’t ask me source code or guide, I don’t have it and don’t have time to write it neither

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Thanks for the guide.

I’ll try it and will update the progress here.

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