Need to configure asterisk ARI to get call details in ari web page


We need to configure asterisk ARI to get the call details in ARI web page. Can someone help us to configure this.

Thanks in advance

There is no configuration that just does this. You have to use the ARI interface, or AMI, and write an application that provides the functionality you need.

Thanks jcolp,

Please tell me how to write an application to use ARI interface to get the call details in ARI web page automatically.

I am getting running calls in ari web page using http://localhost:8088/ari/channels when we refresh the page only. Can we get that calls automatically without refreshing the page.

There is no answer to that question. The interfaces provided by ARI are documented on the wiki[1] and using a programming language you can use them. There’s also guides to demonstrate some of the different things that can be used[2]. If you can’t use them then you would need to hire someone to write what you need.


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Can you please share the sample application for this.

I don’t have a sample application for this or know of one. The guides I previously linked have basic demonstrations of dealing with channels.

Can we get the channels automatically in http://localhost/ari/channels page.

A GET to the channels route of the ARI HTTP interface will return the channels in JSON format. It’s up to something else to retrieve, display, and do things with that information.