Need hint for delayed calls

Hi :smile:

Well, I am new in this forum and stumbled in because I cannot solve my Asterisk problem:
I want to do a kind of “follow me”. Pretty easy but I need more:
Let’s say, I have my home number and a cell phone number somewhere stored (e.g. in MySQL). Now a caller calls my SIP number and immediately my home phone rings. But (!) 10 seconds after my home phone is tried to be reached my cell should also starts ringing so both (home and cell) phones should ring. I call this “delayed follow me” :wink: First phone that’s picked up “wins” the race and the other ring should end then.

Okay, currently I try this with a C program, using libagi, called via AGI. The program forks itself and the children first go sleeping (if delay is greater than zero) and then do a "ast_exec(“DIAL SIP/foo”); Unfortunately the first process that starts this exec blocks stdin (or maybe stdout, dont’know) so the other child cannot exec the dial :frowning:

Next try was with a call file but I don’t have any idea how to bridge the outgoing call to my phones and the incoming call by the caller. I thought app_queue.c gives me the idea but no chance :frowning:

So any help is appreciated :smile:

Thanks and kind regards,