Need Help Automating call and dtmf then connecting

I want to automate the dialing of a number, sending of dtmf digits and connecting to a local phone.

I have a daily conference call that requires me to dial 11 digits for an 866 number, then put in a 9 digit passcode. Because I don’t like to manually do repetitive tasks I thought I would automate the call. I started out by setting up a special extension that when called dials the 866 number, waits for answer and then sends the 9 digit passcode via senddtmf. This has worked great… but I wanted to take it a step farther and setup a cron job to make a call file and originate the call at the required time each day. I can get the call file to dial the special extension mentioned above and it supposedly sends the dtmf and then connect to my local phone. My problem is this… when the call is placed using the call file to dial, the 9 digit code send via dtmf doesn’t seem to work. I see the senddtmf happen on the asterisk console but it isn’t being accepted (I know because the conference system gives me a “if you are having problems…” prompt instead of the “you are now joining your conference”.)

So bottom line: if the call to the special extension is dialed from my phone it works. If it is originated from the call file and then connected to my phone it does not. I’m sure it probably has something to do with how/when the data stream is getting connected… but I’m too new at this to figure it out. I would really appreciate some help.


You could try recording the calls to see what the difference. Do you hear the DTMF tones if the call script calls your phone? If you do hear the tones then I would look at timing problems, maybe the extension is dialing early when called from the script.