Native MySQL support for 13.22.0

Hi guys.
I am struggling with writing cdrs to mysql.
I have read the documentation. It is not clear to me if there is native mysql support in my Asterisk version or if I have to use odbc. I would highly prefer not to set up odbc.

I went through this docu:, created the table.

The database is set up, user (for db asterisk) is able to log in from command line. I have configured cdr_mysql.conf

I have no entries in my db…

Could you please advice?


P.S.: I compiled form source, could it be that I am missing a module?
asterisk-2018*CLI> module show like sql
Module Description Use Count Status Support Level SQLite3 Custom CDR Module 0 Not Running extended SQLite3 Custom CEL Module 0 Not Running extended MySQL RealTime Configuration Driver 0 Running extended SQLite 3 realtime config engine 0 Running core
4 modules loaded

ODBC’s the recommended way to go. It removes the Asterisk development team from having to be responsible for a separate connector for each database. Note that in 15, cdr_mysql is marked as deprecated and replaced by cdr_adaptive_odbc.


Thanks for taking your time, Malcolm. I will do so.

And thanks for this great project also.


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Sorry for my bad english, just wanted to say thanks for spending your time on my question.