Mysql and sip registration


i’ve configured all the required bits for getting mysql working with * and it all seems fiine. using the CLI i get all the right answers. i can see mysql stuff being loaded when i start asterisk. but i’ve got an issue with getting SIP clients reg’d using mysql. the message i get is:

Aug 3 15:50:04 DEBUG[16410] chan_sip.c: Allocating new SIP dialog for MmMyODI3YWNlMTBhYzc5Nzg3OWZhNTJhMWExMjNlMzI. - REGISTER (No RTP)
Aug 3 15:50:04 DEBUG[16410] chan_sip.c: **** Received REGISTER (2) - Command in SIP REGISTER
chan_sip.c: Registration from ‘"user"’ failed for ‘’ - ACL error (permit/deny)

i have a db called asterisk and a table called sip_users with the following:
id 1
name 4001
type friend
username 4001
secret 4001
context main
callerid “user”<4001>
qualify 100
host dynamic
canreinvite no
mailbox 4001
( that was taken from realtime load sipusers name 4001 in the CLI so db connection and query works )

there is no NAT involved here, just some machine on a private network along with the * server. mysql and * are on the same box. i would have expected to see some sort of query in the mysql logs when registration is attempted but i get nothing.
when i’ve just used the config files ( /etc/asterisk/ ) it all works fine.
i’ve seen some posts with similar problems but no concrete answers
any clues anyone?

I think yo need to check your sip.conf file
also, try to remove defaultip value for user

enable verbose is CLI by following command: set verbose 10
enable sip debug: sip set debug

and try again

hi georgy, thanks for the reply. i’ll give it a try on monday. i had already tried with and without the defaultip but didn’t make any difference. i’ll have a dig around for any requirements for sip.conf.

ok, i stumbled about and fixed this issue.
i found a post that mentioned rtcachefriends needed to be set to “yes” in sip.conf, which i did but that never made a difference. then, ( out of frustration more than anything else ) i made an entry in extconfig.conf for sippeers to link to the sip_users table ( sipusers was already defined there ) and BINGO all the sip phones can register. Got some other issues but that’s another story, at least the phones can register now.