MWI latency!

Hi All!

I have a problem with late MWI.

I use asterisk 1.2.5 with a Mediatrix 1124 as ATA.

Let’s see; I call someone and leave a message, the message will be in his mailbox about 30 sec to a minute later. I then compare the msg0001.txt and the call from the CDR, and it’s almost the same.

Now I’ve got complains that on certain calls, their message light as well as their stutter dialtone only appears a few hours after the call was made. I was sceptic because I can’t reproduce the problem, when I test it, it works fine… So I ask him to save his messages next time so I’ll be able to compare the message date & time and the CDR.

Well, to my surprise, I found out that 2 messages out of 3 (for this customer) has been received an hour and a half after the call was made. These 2 calls were also LD calls. But some other LD calls are OK.

At first I thought it might be related to the ATA, so I called Mediatrix. They told me that it’s most probably something with asterisk, that it doesn’t drop the call properly or something… (which I don’t think since in the logs, the call doesn’t last an 1 hour and a half long… it last about the time of the message)

Then my second guess would be that there’s some latency on my network, but there’s none! … I mean, the qualify on that peer is always under 5ms!

I’m a bit confused. Does anyone ever experience something like this?

I havent had any problems like that. Is the server overladed at all?

Also, is there a reason you are still running 1.2.5? There were still quite a few bugs in the 1.2 branch up until about 1.2.8 or so. As of today they are on 1.2.22 with huge amounts of bugs fixed in the 1.2.6 - 1.2.13 range. There are no dialplan changes if you stay with the 1.2 branch so you might think about upgarding asterisk to a later 1.2 release and see if that helps.

I’m having the same intermittent issues. I’ve got Polycom 501s out in the field and I’m running 1.4.15.

It’s also going the other way around - MWI light stays on after VM is deleted. Checked msg0000.txt and it’s gone. I’m thinking it’s a phone issue.