Multiple registrations with SIPS server = 488 error

Quick question:
I have a Groundwire Softphone (using SIPS) on my mobile phone and Std. ubuntu 20.04-asterisk Installation.

I have the following phenomenon: When I put my softphone into background, the SIPS server registers at my asterisk server and I can call my softphone (trough the SIPS server, works 100%!).
Now, if I turn my softphone on (it appears on my display) the softphone registers (as well) at my asterisk server (now I have 4 instead of 2 contacts registered). All good, so the SIPS server does not de-register.

If I am now trying to call my softphone, the call goes to the SIPS server and the SIPS server sends back a 488, because the SIPS server knows that my softphone has a direct connection to the asterisk server and should not try to take the call. But asterisk, as it got the 488, does not try to call the other registrations, it just says “Busy” on the console.

Is that behavior as expected? Shouldn’t asterisk try to reach the other registration/contacts after it got a 488 message just from one of them?

Please let me know. I am a rookie with PJSIP, so I might have a mistake in my configuration?

Kind regards.

Dialplan has to be explicitly written to use PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS[1] to call all registered contacts. Have you done so?


Hi jcolp,
no I have not done that. I have just used the normal (DIAL(PJSIP/<ENDPOINT)) syntax.

Now that I have changed that, … the ringing works, … my phone rings!

And because I was curious I have checked the SIP packets and … the SIPS Server still creates that 488 message, but asterisk does not care anymore if one contacts fails, because it is calling all of them!

1000 thanks for this quick help, and teaching me to have a look at the existing functions to solve problems!

Kind regards. :slight_smile:

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