Multiple registrations to one realtime endpoints

Hello. Is it possible to use multiple registrations to one realtime account to recieve calls to all endpoints?
For file interpritation it works well but in realtime interprirtation only one endpoint (that registred at last) receve call.

As an idea I may write script that parses Register (or OK for this reg) packets from the SIP port and save IPs that going to (from) asterisk at the database and then check database for this IPs and call to all endpoints but it is not Asterisk solution. If it works “from the box” can anyone say how to do this?

Use Asterisk 12 to achieve that.

Asterisk 12 support this feature at the default settings or I need change something?

I’m already install Asterisk 12 and check this feature. By default Only last registered device is ringing.

You need to use PJSIP instead chan_sip. And you can define the maximum contacts for one endpoint … +res_pjsip

Thanks. This works for registrations. It’s great. But when I ringing to extensions that have multiple registrations only one is ringing.

At the max_contacts field I wrote 5. at the “pjsip show endpoints” shows my endpoint with 2 registrations (from 2 different softphones) -that write.

Must I change anything else for waited result?

You need to use the function PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS, please refer to the docs or cli help gor further information.

Thanks. Sorry. first time use PJSIP. Always used CHAN_SIP and don’t know that PJ channel have specific funltions.