Handling of a contact that just registered

I have configured a user to allow up to two contacts.
Dialplan is fine. PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS is used. Both endpoints ring if both are registered.
Im trying to achieve the following:

  • Only one endpoint of this user is registered
  • User gets a call, the registered endpoint rings
  • While the call is still ringing, the second contact registers

Is there a way for this second contact to start ringing as well? Right now it doesnt, you need to call again

There is nothing inherently built in to do so. Only waiting and then dialing.

You could let the dial plan do that “call again” part by using the timeout option to Dial application, instead of forcing it on the caller as a manual redial operation from their endpoint, and possibly include a helpful message in between attempts from the stock Asterisk sound prompts recorded by Allison eg. “one moment please.”

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