Multiple GSM Dongles


I just installed a second GSM dongle in my Asterisk box.
In the dongle.conf I had the following line to help routing incoming calls from that GSM number to an internal extension.

exten=+351961XXXXXX (X where obfuscated by real numbers)
I had an inbound route to route this number to an internal extension.

NOW, I have another dongle, and another GSM number.
I can not route the 2nd number to another internal extension.

GSM number +351961XXXXXX --> extension 122
GSM number +351965XXXXXX --> extension 123

How can I configure the dongle.conf ?
I think there is nothing more to do in the “inbound routes”.

The documentation on says chan_dongle will use by default that the subscriber number stored on the sim. Only when the subscriber number is not available it will use the exten variable in chan_dongle.conf.

So you have to create extensions with the phonenumber from the simcard.