Multiple CDR issues

I am trying to migrate from AsteriskNOW 2.0.0 to AsteriskNOW 3.0.1 and am experiencing issues with CDR records.

We use the originate command through the Manager API for a click to call feature. When we do this on 2.0.0, the src field = the agent extension. The dst field = the number to dial.

In version 3.0.1, the src field = the callerID of the outbound trunk and the dst field = “s”.

Here is the Originate command with the options we use:

action: originate
context: from-internal
channel: pjsip/200
exten: 91(number to dial)
priority: 1
timeout: 30000

We changed the channel to “local/200” so that the AMPUSER data would populate throughout the dialplan. We also added the “callerid: 200” and it seemed to fix some the src field issue. BUT, the dst field should reflect the “exten:” option but it does not. It still is reported as “s”.

ADDITIONALLY, we always get multiple records for each call in the Master.csv file.

Any help with this is appreciated.