Multiple calls simultaneously?

We’d like to be able to have one person on their computer be on multiple phone calls at once. Is this something asterisks can do? Some features we’d want.

Calls start/end at different times
Call recordings
Sound and mic for each call separately (can talk on one while the other is muted)
Ideally play audio files (automated responses).


A softphone like Eyebeam ,Zoiper or any other softphone with multiple lines can do the Job. There Is no need of any special feature beyond of the Asterisk’s basic

Asterisk is not a phone. You don’t necessarily need a PABX to do this.

So I guess I’m looking more for a softphone api or sdk. I want to be able to control multiple calls at the same time from a single computer.

You can do it with Asterisk, AMI, and simple softphone, but it is likely to be a lot of work, and the user interface will not be particularly slick. You would be much better off with a multi-“line” softphone. Note that feature is more likely to be present in the paid version of products, than in loss leader free versions.

In principle, you could do it with Asterisk, a sound “card” and AMI, but Asterisk doesn’t have the good echo cancellation that is provided by a proper SIP phone. The sound card support, in my view, should be considered proof of concept, rather than production quality.

Of course, there may be details that you have missed out of your requirement statement that completely change the picture.

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