Multiple calls and fills up the RAM

Hello everyone,
1-Multiple calls
I am using Asterisk (Ver. 12.8.2) in a callcenter but sometime the operators can receive 3, 5 or 6 calls at same time and the operators can not pick up any calls.

2- Fills up the RAM
My asterisk run on Ubuntu server 14.04 and Only asterisk service use more than 70% of the RAM memory that’s why the RAM memory fills up everytime. i have to restart everytime for to fix this issue.

please i need a help and give thanks in advance.

  1. is by design for both LInux and Windows NT family. The OS tries to only leave a small amount of free memory. Of the rest, that which is not actually in use by programs contains data cached from file system reads and writes, and network buffers. If you run the “free” application, it will calculate the effect of ignoring cache and buffer space on the available free memory

You should only worry if the system starts using swap space, or the space allocated to Asterisk, as shown by ls, continues to rise indefinitely.

  1. Depends on details of your dialplan, and, if using queues, the configuration of the queues and whether you are using always connected agents.

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