Moving call from channel X to channel Y

I’m having a problem where some random outgoing calls are being “stuck” to another channel. This means user A ends up hearing user B’s call (only B’s side) and unable to hang up at all. User B doesn’t notice there’s a problem and keeps talking like nothing has happened.

My server is an Asterisk 11.9.0 with 4 PRI trunks/spans, libPRI 11.4.14 and DAHDI

This happens always on the same PRI span, which is dedicated to calls to mobile numbers. When I look at the console, at the time of the event I see this message:

Moving call (DAHDI/i4/xxxxxxxxxx-b3) from channel 94 to 96. (the channel numbers may differ)

What I don’t understand is what is the purpose of doing this, especially considering that the destination channel is already in use. I’ve googled for a long time but all I see is this issue related to a “PRI fixup” event which is really not my case, since the only message I get is this.

This span is also the clock source.

Any ideas on how can I diagnose this problem and/or avoid it?

Many thanks,



This triggers a bad memmory with me, had the same problem.
We were using a Dinstar ss7 gateway.
Hours of troubleshooting…
In the end, were two crossed cables…
So, I would say, make sure the cables are correctly connected.

Good luck.

If the cables were crossed, I’d have a red alarm, I’m sure this is not the issue in my case.