Moving Asterisk from Old Server Hardware to New Server Hardware


I need to change the Asterisk Linux server. It was currently running on the Old machine. I need to move to the new machine.

Please advice what should be the steps for the same.


the question is too general. is a pbx or CC? if it is pbx, you can try freepbx.

Assuming you are running Asterisk PBX, moving to a new server can be relatively straightforward if you know/recall the configuration of the Asterisk build. What I have always done is, on the new server download the version of Asterisk you’re using (upgrade to the latest build, but I suggest you don’t change versions). Install and configures Asterisk as you did on the old server and follow normal build instructions up to and including “make install.” At that point you can copy the contents of your /etc/asterisk directory from the old machine to the new machine. There may be some clean up required about the IP address of the machines, etc. Plus if you have custom sounds files or non-standard modules (e.g. G.729 codec) you’ll have to move them over too.
But, once you build and install, then use your existing /etc/asterisk you should be close to good-to-go

In some cases, you may need to copy astdb, and you will also need to copy any custom sound files, including custom voicemail greetings.