Monitoring a Remote IVR Using Asterisk


I was wondering if it were possible to monitor a remote IVR / Automated Line with Asterisk. Something as simple as:

  1. Call number xxx-xxxx.
  2. Listen for that number to pick-up and start saying an automated recording.
  3. Hang up.

And to either write a file, send an e-mail or something if the number doesn’t pickup and/or doesn’t play the automated recording.

Any ideas?


You can probably do it with answering machine detection an/or silence detection, together the the h extension and the System or AGI applications.

Actually making sure hte right message is played wuuld be orders of magnitude more difficult. You wuould need AMI or call files with an external application, to do the scheduling.

you can use call files with “Archive” option, then check the call log.

I have used a hosted IVR Monitoring service by TelcoAlert that does exactly what you are looking for.