MOH while placing call


I’ve went through forum but could not find clear answer for my issue. Everything was fine, when I was placing call MOH was playing (default class). I needed to reboot the box and from that moment I can hear nothing. If I check on CLI with “moh show files” I can see files in a directory, and with “moh show classes” I can see that some files are in use (Use Count 1, 2…) when the call is placed. If I use Playback() I can hear the content of MOH file. Did anyone of you have similar problem? I have to temporary change “m” to “r” in Dial() just to be sure that call is placed.

(Asterisk 1.4.21 on Ubuntu 8.10 Server)

Few more details:

  • tested with WaitMusicOnHold() and is working fine (MOH heard at the phone)

exten => 123,1,Answer() exten => 123,n,WaitMusicOnHold(100) exten => 123,n,Hangup

  • when calls are placed on hold MOH is playing all right
  • checked CLI’s output and that seems to be showing proper actions (no MOH heard at the phone)

-- Executing [555@default:1] NoOp("SIP/333-b6eb5058", "") in new stack -- Executing [555@default:2] Dial("SIP/333-b6eb5058", "SIP/555|300|m") in new stack -- Called 555 -- Started music on hold, class 'default', on SIP/333-b6eb5058 -- SIP/555-08ca7048 is ringing


Issue “somehow” solved with workaround of using Playback(silence) before Dial().